I Don’t Feel Like It

Do you ever get your hopes up for something that is explained to you a specific way and then later find out that it will no longer be that way?

Let’s say you get a very nice presentation for a vacation bundle and it’s right up your alley. The price is right, the location is perfection and the timeline couldn’t be more spot on. So after you accept you see that things aren’t exactly as you were informed.

Or maybe you were given a task that was explained to you as simple and fast. You won’t have to do too much physical work and you’ll get paid a decent price so you go forward. As the days pass this task begins to change and you are now expected to do hard labor for the same price.

I mean I think you get the point… Well that is what happened to me. I was given the impression that things would be a certain way and I made decisions because of it. Now that a few weeks have passed since I made some choices, things have changed and they aren’t exactly as I was originally told. Now I see why these changes were made and I know they are for the better in some ways. I just don’t think it exactly benefits me and its effected my mood and I obviously don’t do well with change that isn’t under my control. So now, I don’t feel like doing anything!


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