Adulting Sucks

I’m a bunch of fun, if only I had money to prove it. Pinterest knows how nice my wardrobe is. My bank account just can’t keep up with me.

I like the idea of adventure as much as the next person. I crave travel and going to new places. I want to visit all the theme parks in America and go to many different coffee shops (sorry starbucks.) Every time I have a spur of the moment, lets drive 5 hours to the nearest theme park next weekend, I’m reminded of my responsibilities. Sure drop a few $100 on a weekend, your only in your 20s once enjoy your life. You know, after you get new tires, pay for you bills, and save enough for an apartment…..

I guess I can always enjoy my life later right?

This is the tug-o-war of adutling. Yup, adulthood a.k.a adulting. When you have to make the decisions that you don’t really know are right or wrong. When you have to choose if its worth it or it can wait, what is want or need and above all, when is it okay to splurge on yourself. Lets be honest, sometimes you have to shut up your conscious and tell yourself, no I don’t need this mini trip but I can’t just save and save and never spend any of it. It is hard! Telling yourself that you cannot go on that cool trip your friends want to go on or that family vacation your cousins are suggesting because you are trying to save other things but that is life.

Make yourself a splurge jar and drop some money in there that you can spare and the next time an opportunity arises that you’re not sure about, consult the jar and go from there.