Back to Vampire Diaries

***some spoilers for season 6 of TVD***

The Vampire Diaries was one of my favorite shows since it first aired in 2009. At the time no one else I knew was watching it. I had read the first book and thought it was immature and boring but after the first few episodes I could already tell it was going to be better. And it was. Than after season 2 started my family and some friends jumped on the bandwagon and became in love with the show as well. Then when season 2 came around and the Originals ┬ámade an appearance the show just continued to get better. Unfortunately when The Originals got their own show TVD declined in entertainment. I tried to continue watching and stopped by season 6 which I was dragging myself to watch. But after that season finale I was done with the show. It was already getting boring but now that my ship was gone I just didn’t see the point anymore.

I said many times that I want go back and finish the show unless Elena comes back for the finale. And well sure enough she is! Am I surprised? A little, but a tv series is finally doing what we all want. A promise of a return character. Now I do not love Elena’s character and find her quit annoying but I will always ship Elena and Damon. So here I am trying to catch up on season 7 on Netflix so I can catch up on the last season and see how they do Elena’s return. I’m also very curious how this is going to effect The Originals if it does. TVD is currently skipping 3 years time and based of the trailers of The Originals they are also skipping yars in time. I’m very curious and excited about the return of The Originals.


Adulting Sucks

I’m a bunch of fun, if only I had money to prove it. Pinterest knows how nice my wardrobe is. My bank account just can’t keep up with me.

I like the idea of adventure as much as the next person. I crave travel and going to new places. I want to visit all the theme parks in America and go to many different coffee shops (sorry starbucks.) Every time I have a spur of the moment, lets drive 5 hours to the nearest theme park next weekend, I’m reminded of my responsibilities. Sure drop a few $100 on a weekend, your only in your 20s once enjoy your life. You know, after you get new tires, pay for you bills, and save enough for an apartment…..

I guess I can always enjoy my life later right?

This is the tug-o-war of adutling. Yup, adulthood a.k.a adulting. When you have to make the decisions that you don’t really know are right or wrong. When you have to choose if its worth it or it can wait, what is want or need and above all, when is it okay to splurge on yourself. Lets be honest, sometimes you have to shut up your conscious and tell yourself, no I don’t need this mini trip but I can’t just save and save and never spend any of it. It is hard! Telling yourself that you cannot go on that cool trip your friends want to go on or that family vacation your cousins are suggesting because you are trying to save other things but that is life.

Make yourself a splurge jar and drop some money in there that you can spare and the next time an opportunity arises that you’re not sure about, consult the jar and go from there.

Summer to do List

So I found this list a few years ago on pinterest I bet, and thought it was “inspirational.” I’m an extreme homebody that complains that I never do anything (yes I know.) So of course when I found the list I said “this summer I will complete at least half of these” (I’m no over achiever.) You can bet how many things I actually checked off…. 1 if I remember correctly. Well when I was looking for who knows what old picture in my shutterfly albums I came across this list. I thought to myself I’m in a different place mentally, financially, and emotionally now, I’m more positive now, lets see how well i’ll do this year.

So without further ado here is the list:

  • Go to the beach
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Eat snowcones
  • Drink freshly squeezed lemonade
  • Go swimming
  • Go on a picnic
  • Watch fireworks
  • Play in sprinklers
  • Play on a slip-n-slide
  • Make s’mores
  • Go bowling
  • Make bubble wands
  • Dance in the rain
  • Visit a Museum
  • Play with water balloons/ Water gun fight
  • Make pizza
  • Family bike ride
  • Fondue dinner
  • Make homemade pretzels
  • Make a summertime playlist
  • Go to a water park

Sounds easy enough right? Maybe I’ll print this for the fridge as a reminder ….

I Don’t Feel Like It

Do you ever get your hopes up for something that is explained to you a specific way and then later find out that it will no longer be that way?

Let’s say you get a very nice presentation for a vacation bundle and it’s right up your alley. The price is right, the location is perfection and the timeline couldn’t be more spot on. So after you accept you see that things aren’t exactly as you were informed.

Or maybe you were given a task that was explained to you as simple and fast. You won’t have to do too much physical work and you’ll get paid a decent price so you go forward. As the days pass this task begins to change and you are now expected to do hard labor for the same price.

I mean I think you get the point… Well that is what happened to me. I was given the impression that things would be a certain way and I made decisions because of it. Now that a few weeks have passed since I made some choices, things have changed and they aren’t exactly as I was originally told. Now I see why these changes were made and I know they are for the better in some ways. I just don’t think it exactly benefits me and its effected my mood and I obviously don’t do well with change that isn’t under my control. So now, I don’t feel like doing anything!